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We, at Unique Inflatables, give shape, size and face to the advertising ideas of our clients.   To create products from shapely ideas, we've the full-fledged studio filled with men and machines that are latest in terms of talent and technology.

To manufacture our airy creations, we've a 150 strong team manning the world's largest manufacturing facility which creates concepts that move and sway in the air and catch the eyeballs.

Our factory is a modern state-of the-art establishment comprising a design studio loaded with the latest technical know-how.

We have CAD designing and digital printing facility backed by 15 years of experience in conceptualising, designing and creating prototypes shaped and delivered as our customers visualize them.

We've a very talented, highly imaginative team which creates delightful visuals.  Our QA team ensures that our products meet international standards.  We've a satisfied global clientele using our products to market their wares.

Our 15-member R&D department is constantly engaged in pushing the advertising horizons to new heights of creativity as well as usability.

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