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Cold air Inflatables are also called custom-made inflatables, inflatable product replicas or rooftop balloons, they can be moulded perfectly to any size, shape or color -- be it 10 feet or 100 feet.  These products with their larger-than-life image attract enough eyeballs in a crowded advertising scene.  Once spotted, they remain in people's memory for a long time.

They grab people's attention as they are going about their business Inflatables are an extremely effective tool for launching of new products.  They're easy to install anywhere.  You can pack them very easily and carry them wherever.  These products are so durable that they can be used for many years.

The material is Rib Stop Nylon [both sides coated] and is UV protected.  To make them last longer, we double stitch our products with high quality threads.

Unique is unmatched

We prefer to provide 3-D effect to our products rather than plain painting unlike our competitors.  For quality effect and sharpness of the art work, we go in for screen printing.  Our R & D is engaged in constant technical innovations.  At every stage of conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing our products, we ensure global quality standards

We provide Customer Support you can count on.

FAQ for Cold Air Inflatables

Q. Where can they be displayed?
A. Display them at on rooftops, cartops, parks, beaches, and intercity terminals, in front of show rooms and supermarkets -- in short wherever people are.

Q. How can we display the Inflatables?
A. An inflatable is inflated with a cold air fan. This fan needs to run as long as you want the inflatable displayed. An instruction manual explains all the details.

Q. Which material is used to make the Inflatables?
A. A specially treated long-lasting silicon coated nylon fabric is used. This material is of international quality standards and is weather resistant.

Q. What are the maintenance costs?
A. The maintenance costs involved are negligible as the cold air blowers consume only a few units of electricity per day.

Q. How do we repair the Inflatables?
A. Minor cuts or punctures do not affect the Inflatables when on display. They can be easily repaired after the display. For extensive damages, factory repair services are available at very nominal charges.

Q. How long do the Inflatables last?
A. The life of the Inflatable depends on the maintenance. Please check out our instructions manual for the Inflatables to last for years.

Q. What accessories come with the Inflatables?
A. The package includes an electric blower, tie down ropes, tarpaulin sheet, electric extension chord, iron pegs, repairing material. All these accessories are supplied to you in a carry bag.

Q. Can the Inflatable be hoisted in the sky?
A. The cold air Inflatables are designed to be displayed on a base. They cannot be hoisted in the air by filling them with helium gas.

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